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Angry Alligator launches today for Nintendo Switch

Angry Alligator

Experience life as an angry alligator and start on a quest to eat everything in your way in order to become the largest, baddest gator in your swamp.

After announcing the game in August, Backup Plan in collaboration with GS2 Games and Lion Castle has announced today that their new game, Angry Alligator, is now available for Nintendo Switch. Join a little baby gator on his quest to develop into a huge, nasty full-grown reptile and eat everything in your path.

Eat everything in your way

Angry Alligator is a colorful, entertaining, and semi-educational experience that depicts life as an alligator. Explore a vibrant and vast open world teeming with species to meet and eat, and take in all that nature has to offer.

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You’ll accompany a little hungry alligator on his mission to consume anything that moves in order to grow large and strong. Attract birds, deer, and even bears into your powerful jaws, or go up against huge scary boss creatures and annoying visitors. The destiny of the marsh and everything in it rests on your scaled shoulders.

Angry Alligator is now available on Nintendo Switch globally. The PlayStation 4 version of the game will arrive before the end of the year, but no date has been confirmed.

Watch the launch trailer of Angry Alligator down below!