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Angry Birds fans are angry about Facebook game outage

Last month, we posted an article about how Angry Birds Friends just launched for Windows PC. For the past week or so, we’ve been getting a series of comments from fans saying that the Facebook version of Angry Birds does not work for them.

Angry Birds Friends has been out on Android and iOS devices for years as a competitive, tournament-based game, but it was never available to PC gamers as a download. It’s out now for free via the Microsoft Store.

A version of Angry Birds has also been playable on Facebook for a number of years and was made available on Messenger last year. This is the version that is apparently having technical difficulties with users.

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Rovio’s social media accounts make no mention of a widespread outage. However, we suspect that – given the large number of complaints posted on our website – it’s not an isolated event.

“Angry Birds Friends on Facebook not working again. Out last night and tonight!” Jan commented on our site.

“How about getting in touch with your friends over on Facebook and get them to fix the game there. This is my 4th straight day not being able to play the game,” Tony said.

Some readers seem to be under the impression that we can fix the issue for them, but we would like to stress that we have no relationship with the game’s developer or with Facebook.

If you are having problems with the game, please contact the developer directly. In the meantime, we have reached out to Rovio for comment. We’ll update this story if we receive a response.