Anno 1800 Docklands DLC out now alongside new game update, free weekend

Anno 1800 Docklands Season 3

Starting today, Anno 1800 players can build in Docklands, the first DLC of the game’s third season. Update #10 is also out now.

Players can build a modular warehouse district. You’ll start with the main building inspired by the world-famous “Speicherstadt,” the world’s largest warehouse district and a UNESCO World Heritage site in Hamburg, Germany. Each added module comes with a different effect, including increased loading speed or faster repair times. Docklands integrates naturally into every game session, giving players more options for individualization and ways to reach certain goals easier.

Docklands is the first of three different DLCs coming in Season 3.

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Update #10

Alongside the first DLC of Season 3, Ubisoft is releasing the free Game Update #10 for all players. It contains the following:

  • Improvements to the trade route menu
  • Possibility to turn harbor quays into streets to connect buildings
  • Cosmetic DLC ornaments to improve a city’s attractivity

Free Weekend

Docklands launches with a free weekend, allowing players to play the Anno 1800 base game from February 25 till March 1. During the free weekend event, Anno fans can take advantage of discounts on the Standard Edition, Gold Edition, and Complete Edition Year 3.

Still to Come in Season 3

Docklands is just the start of Season 3. There is more DLC that is yet to come, including Tourist Season and The High Life. Tourist Season is coming in spring 2021 and The High Life in summer 2021.

Tourist Season introduces players to the tourism industry. Keep visitors entertained with “enriching activities and delicious dishes” from their best restaurants, while also setting up a tour bus network in their cities.

Meanwhile, The High Life teaches Anno players how to manage a big city full of skyscrapers. You’ll also learn how to satisfy demanding citizens with new commercial goods and malls. This will permit players to customize their Anno 1800 Old World session with brand new elements, such as new monuments, a hotel, restaurants, buildings, and malls to progress their city.

Anno 1800 is available on Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store for Windows PC. All three DLCs are included with the Year Three Pass.