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Antec Announces Twelve Hundred PC Case

Antec, the leading global provider of high-performance computer components
for the PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, has launched the Twelve
Hundred PC case. The enclosure is the next evolution of its popular Nine
Hundred case. Coming with even more cooling and capacity, the Twelve Hundred
is an excellent choice for gamers and other high-performance PC builders.

The Twelve Hundred features an exceptionally robust cooling system, designed
to accommodate even the most demanding gaming PCs. This system is composed
of a top 200mm TriCool fan, two rear 120mm TriCool fans and three front
120mm fans. All TriCool fans come with 3-speed control, enabling users to
optimize their balance of cooling and quiet. Two additional 120mm fan mounts
give builders the option to provide cooling to the graphics cards and the
CPU. The Twelve Hundred also comes with a water cooling platform that can be
used to position a reservoir or a pump. A perforated front panel and a
washable air filter help to take in air more efficiently and reduce dust
build up. The case also includes an advanced cable management system that
allows cables to be tucked out of the way for unrestricted airflow.

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The Twelve Hundred is spacious and versatile, with twelve drive bays and
seven expansion slots. This provides builders with room for all their
high-performance components including dual full-length graphics cards, while
a clear side-panel allows users to show off their cutting-edge systems. All
fans come with internal blue LED illumination; the light on the top fan can
be turned on and off by an easily accessed switch. A convenient top
accessory tray gives builders a place to store their favorite gadgets such
as media players or digital cameras, while two front-mounted USB ports and
eSATA as well as HD audio ports provide convenient access.

The Twelve Hundred is available now through major retailers, e-tailers, and
distributors. The case will retail for approximately $209.95 and is backed
by Antec’s Quality 3-Year Warranty. For additional product information and
full technical specifications, please visit www.antec.com.