Antstream Arcade CEO: Google Stadia “will be remembered for much longer than it existed”

Antstream Arcade CEO Steve Cottam eulogized Google Stadia, saying that it “will be remembered for much longer than it existed.”

In an expected move, Google announced today that it is killing its online game streaming service Stadia. The service has struggled to gain traction ever since its launch almost three years ago.

Despite its limited success, the tech behind the service is still important. In many ways, Stadia is analogous to early CD-based video game consoles that were overly expensive and suffered from limited libraries.

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Since the launch of Stadia in 2019, more affordable options such as Xbox Cloud Gaming have emerged. Rather than pay for a full-priced game, Xbox Cloud Gaming is integrated with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Steve Cottam, CEO of cloud gaming platform Antstream Arcade, commented on the subject of Google Stadia’s shutdown:

While not so long ago the death of Google Stadia would have been sending shockwaves around the cloud gaming industry, the writing has been on the wall for quite a while. The space has evolved and grown rapidly since the service’s launch in 2019, and with Xbox and Nvidia releasing user figures of over 10 million for their streaming services, it was obvious that Stadia’s offering had fallen behind the curve.

Stadia will be remembered for much longer than it existed for as a proof point that cloud gaming services live and die on their catalogues. Other big tech companies who have started their own cloud gaming initiatives – with few ties to the games industry – will rightly see this as an indicator about what gamers really want when it comes to value, accessibility, and catalogue in cloud gaming.

Antstream Arcade is a cloud gaming platform with the world’s largest library of fully playable, fully licensed games from the arcade era and beyond. Its library currently sits at 1,500 titles.