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Apex Legends ranked system: how it works

Apex Legends ranked system: how it works

This a small guide for those players who do not know the system of competitive ranking.

Apex Legends has been a success for EA. Although it is still not positioned as the most-played battle royale, the competitive scene of the game has caught the attention of many fans of this genre. Therefore, it has also positioned itself as one of the top battle royale games out there.

That is why one of the biggest changes in the game is the ranked system. It’s an almost mandatory system nowadays for those competitive fans within the genre. But, compared to the rest of the games of the genre, this ranked system is a bit complicated.

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For this reason, let’s see what’s new regarding the ranking system. Read on to learn more!

Apex Legends ranked system: how it works

As in all current games, a series of requirements must be met to be able to play in competitive online modes. In the case of Apex Legends, you must reach level 10 in the game to compete in ranked mode. This means that if you’re new to Apex Legends, you’ll need to play some of the other modes before jumping into ranked.

However, once you reach level 10, you can go ahead and start competing with other players in this high-stakes mode. It may be daunting at first but don’t worry too much about it — the default difficulty settings are set so that they’re not too hard for new players like yourself!

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In order to make your gaming experience less complicated, we will explain different things you should take into account before playing in this competitive system.

It is divided into six divisions, each of which has five subdivisions.

The ranked system from Apex Legends is divided into six divisions, each of which has five subdivisions. The number of points required to reach each subdivision is based on the number of players in that subdivision.

For example, when you are in your first division (Bronze), then you will have to get 500 points to go up to the next one (Silver). As in the rest of the ranked system, depending on the division you are in, the level of competition will be stronger than the previous one.

The ranking of each player is based on their score.

Imagine the game as a giant math equation. If you kill someone, that’s one point. If someone kills you, that’s minus one point. The same goes for assists and deaths: if you’re in a squad of four players and all four of them get kills, that’s four points for each player (one for every teammate).

In addition to these basic scores, Apex Legends also has an MMR mechanic which is based on your performance within games rather than just how many kills or assists you get overall. The system is designed so that no matter what happens in a given match (whether it be many deaths or not), the game will always calculate whether or not your skills are good enough to move up in rank based on those factors alone instead of just simple stats like kill/death ratios or win/loss ratios.

You’ll need to win 10 consecutive games of each fifth subdivision.

Once you reach the fifth subdivision of a division, you will only be able to move up to the next division after winning 10 games. That means that if your win streak reaches 9 wins and then you lose one game, your win streak resets at 0.

You must win 10 games in a row without losing more than 3 games in a row before moving up to the next division. If your team loses 4 or more consecutive matches at any point during this promotion process, you’ll be demoted back down to whatever subdivision of the current division where your team was before the promotion started.

At the end of each season, you will receive a reward based on the highest division you achieved during that period.

At the end of each season, Respawn issues rewards that are based on the highest division you achieved throughout the entire season. The rewards are not guaranteed, however; you have to win 10 games in order to get them. The rewards include a banner, a badge, and an emote.


And that’s what we know about Apex Legends‘ ranked system and how it works. After having tried different ranked systems, not only of games of the genre but also of other competitive games, Apex Legends is very fun and challenging. If you try to push to get into higher divisions, the process will be much more intricate than in other games, but now you know what you need to do to advance!

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It just launched this year on next-gen consoles.