Aragami 2
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Aragami 2 introduces new classic mode

Aragami 2

This new mode offers a completely new gaming experience.

Lince Works, a Spanish studio, has announced the debut of a new game mode for Aragami 2 that allows players to revisit the IP’s original fundamentals.

An unexpected success among fans of the genre

With its own visual style and original gameplay features, Aragami has secured its spot in the stealth adventure genre since 2016. The game has put a contemporary spin on a wonderfully constructed setting that embodies the essence of classic ninja experiences like the Tenchu series.

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Aragami 2 was released in September on PC and consoles as one of the most awaited stealth titles of 2021, and it has received solid reviews on Steam. Since then, the Aragami community has grown gradually, allowing Lince Works to sell over one million copies of the title.

Lince Works has continued to refine the game and release additional material and free features, such as sophisticated personalization choices, a picture mode, and promises to provide more difficulty settings for users this year, since the game’s release.

Classic Mode

This new classic mode is heavily influenced by the elements that players adored in the original game. Furthermore, classic mode forces players to stay in the shadows and plan their actions more carefully.

Aragami 2

Players can select between regular and classic mode before beginning missions. Direct combat in classic mode is now exceedingly difficult. If you don’t regulate your play style, you will almost certainly die several times.

Furthermore, stamina levels are restricted, and the bar charges slowly in various portions of the game. However, if you play in traditional mode with friends, you will be able to make this difficult experience more bearable.

Aragami 2 is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. This new upgrade to the classic mode is available for free to all game owners.

Watch gameplay of the new classic mode down below!