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Arcadia Fallen is out now on Nintendo Switch

Arcadia Fallen

Arcadia Fallen takes visual novels to the next level.

Galdra Studios’ new modern fantasy visual novel Arcadia Fallen is now available for Nintendo Switch. In Arcadia Fallen, players take on the role of a teenage apprentice alchemist who unintentionally becomes enslaved to an illicit spirit. When he is unexpectedly dragged into a conflict between humanity and magic, he must join a gang of unlikely heroes to escape his own destiny, hoping to rescue the world in the process.

Show your true personality

This Nordic-inspired visual novel has a customizable protagonist as well as a conversation system that allows players to shape their character’s personality as they play. The plot will be adapted to you based on your in-game personality, whether it’s cheerful, reserved, uptight, or sociable.

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Arcadia Fallen

Furthermore, you spend time with the companions that join you on your adventure, four of whom can be amorous, and if romance isn’t your thing, you can establish significant and deep platonic ties with everyone.

Players will also need to perfect their alchemy abilities in order to solve emergencies and assist their allies. These challenges are simple to learn but difficult to master, and those who devote the time to becoming excellent alchemists will be able to utilize them to alter the plot.

Arcadia Fallen is now available for the Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below!