Arcane has outperformed Squid Game since its Netflix debut

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Despite the high expectations of fans, Riot Games and Netflix have managed to exceed them so far with Arcane.

Riot Games continues to not disappoint their fans. This time they have brought us a Netflix exclusive series based on their gaming universe in the Runeterra region called Arcane. As most of the projects from Riot Games are well cared for to the millimeter, a great success was expected from the series, but nobody quite expected this.

As we said before, Arcane is an animated series from Riot Games and Netflix. It explores the League of Legends universe through the rivalry of two cities, Piltover and Zaun. Two sisters, Jynx and Vi, face each other due to the situations that have happened in their lives.

A successful premiere

Being a production where it was announced that there were thousands of hours of work behind it, it was not only attracting the attention of fans of Riot Games’ titles but also of people who were not familiar. So Riot has seen a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience with content creators through Twitch.

On its premiere day, November 8, hundreds of content creators were able to show through their stream the first episode of the series. Select streamers were even allowed to stream the first three episodes, which generated an audience of 1.8 million viewers as we can see in the statistics from StreamCharts. This makes Arcane one of the most important premieres that has been made on Twitch in recent years.

A series that transcends gaming

Thanks to that success from the premiere on Twitch, not only the Riot Games communities have been interested in the series but a large number of users outside these games have been attracted by this incredible production that Netflix has launched. So Arcane has been a total success in more than 80 countries worldwide, surpassing the popular series Squid Game. Since its premiere, Squid Game has not stopped leading the charts worldwide – until now.

This resounding success of the series has achieved not only inclusions in the different games of Riot Games but in popular titles such as Among Us, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite. In these collaborations, we can see Vi or Jynx as characters in these games, skins of different items, or visual elements that remind us of League of Legends.

If you want to get on the Arcane train and watch the series, it is available exclusively on Netflix. Netflix is a paid streaming content service where you can not only watch Arcane but a large list of content related to the world of video games.

Check out the Arcane trailer down below!

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