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ARK Summer Bash event now live in ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Summer Bash ARK: Survival Evolved

The third annual ARK Summer Bash event is underway in ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s just in time for the extended Fourth of July holiday weekend.

ARK players may take advantage of unique gameplay bonus rates, acquire the newest Chibi pets, and dress up in over 35 sizzling summer cosmetics, including the delightful new inflatable T-Rex outfit!

Some of the special products that are available during the ARK Summer Bash 2021 include:

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  • Hula Dance Emote
  • Flip In Place Emote
  • Inflatable T-Rex costume
  • 3 Hawaiian Shirt patterns
  • 3 Swimsuit patterns
  • Retro Sunglasses Skin
  • Floppy Straw Summer Hat Skin
  • Angler Hat Skin

Whatever you choose to do with your summer in ARK, Summer Bash 2021 is sure to provide plenty of excitement! Relax on the beach with tribemates while wearing the newest Hawaiian clothes, enchant pals with a new Hula Dance, and look for the newest Chibi pets such as the Spacedolphin, Voidwyrm, and Straw Hat Otter.

On Official, Small Tribe, ARKPocalypse, and Conquest servers, you may also take advantage of enhanced rates (up to 5x regular rates) for harvesting, taming, and breeding. The ARK Summer Bash event runs through July 14.

Watch the teaser trailer down below!