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ARK: Survival Evolved Summer Bash event grants faster breeding, XP, and harvesting

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and ARK: Survival Evolved is celebrating with a Summer Bash event.

During the two-week event, players will be able to breed their dinos at twice the speed, gain XP two times as fast, and double anything that you harvest.

You’ll also be able to deck out with summer-themed game cosmetics, including a Sparkler Skin, Fireworks Flare Gun Skin, RPG Firework Rocket Skin, Summer Swimsuits for both male and female characters, an Uncle Sam Tophat, a Dino Uncle Sam Tophat, and new Flex Emotes.

Watch the Summer Bash trailer below:

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So far this year, ARK has seen the release of the Valguero map expansion and the Homestead update, which improves existing structures, adds new customizable building pieces with increased placement options, and simplifies the Kibble system for creature taming. Both updates are free.

If you don’t yet own the game, ARK: Survival Evolved is part of the Steam Summer Sale. The base game is going for $17.49.