Arte reveals new game adapted from the novel To Hell With the Ugly

To Hell With the Ugly

To Hell With the Ugly transports players to a 1950s Los Angeles straight out of a film noir.

A new game developed by Arte in collaboration with La Poule Noire was announced today. To Hell With the Ugly is an adventure game set in a film noir setting that combines point-and-click and turn-based combat.

An adventure that transports you to the movies

The game is based on the Boris Vian novel of the same name. It tells the story of Rock Bailey, a blond and strikingly handsome young man who stubbornly refuses all advances made to him until the day he turns 20.

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Rocky is drugged and kidnapped during a party at the Zooty Slammer jazz club. He awakens in an unfamiliar hospital but manages to flee unharmed. Rocky is determined to track down his kidnappers and get to the bottom of his kidnapping, despite his hazy memories of the evening.

In Arte’s new game, players must gather clues by questioning the inhabitants and use their deductive reasoning to solve this mysterious case. Some information, on the other hand, will be more difficult to obtain. In turn-based battles with a timing mechanism, the player will have to use their fists to loosen the tongues of the most obstinate opponents.

To Hell With the Ugly will be available on Steam in 2022.

Watch the game’s announcement trailer down below!

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