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Arto, the new colorful title from Orion Games is coming to Steam


Fill the world with color in an eye-catching action-adventure

Arto, an action-adventure RPG inspired by the classics Okami and Hyper Light Drifter, was recently unveiled by Orion Games. It offers a difficult third-person action experience set in a distorted and colorless universe.

In Arto, players will have a large armory of weaponry to choose from as well as upgrading courses to take. In addition, players will combat difficult adversaries and defeat terrible bosses in dramatic hack and slash battles. All while facing off against vividly colored animals or combating shadow-soaked foes.

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A ‘colorful’ action game full of adventures


Arto‘s visuals are stunning, ranging from pixel to pop-art and everything in between. Each of Arto’s six worlds has its own distinct themes, gameplay styles, visual viewpoints, difficulties, and bosses.

Orion Games creates a title that surprises in a variety of ways. Arto encourages players to unravel the mystery of Chromaclism, an event from the past that fractured the earth and leaked all the color, with a branching storyline and a choice of endings, different weapons and character improvements, and a cast of vivid characters.

Arto is coming to PC on December 1st of this year. PC gamers can add the game to their Steam wishlist now.

Watch the game trailer here on Game Freaks 365