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Astraware Releases Pixelus

Astraware and PopCap are pleased to announce the release of Pixelus for Palm OS and Windows Mobile for Pocket PC handhelds on July 6th. Pixelus was originally developed for PC by Nuclide, makers of other fine games including Rocket Mania.

The game is set on the mythical island of Pixelus and players must help Claudius navigate the various temples of Pixelus to recreate the beautiful mosaic floors by replacing missing tiles. Each temple contains an increasing number of mosaic puzzles which Claudius must complete to please the Gods and escape the island.

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To complete the puzzles players slide tiles into place using other tiles as a guide. As each puzzle is solved it displays the completed mosaic in full colour. Pixelus features beautiful highly-detailed graphics, an atmospheric music soundtrack and over 200 puzzles offering varying levels of difficulty for novice players or expert puzzle fans. With these elements, Pixelus has all the makings of another classic puzzle game.

Pixelus is available for both hi-res and lo-res Palm OS 5.0 devices and Windows Mobile for Pocket PC with QVGA or VGA screens. Pixelus is priced $19.95 and is available from the Astraware website – http://www.astraware.com.