Astro Bot is coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Astrobot

Accompanying the lovable PlayStation character comes a T-Rex costume.

Thanks to a new partnership between Mediatonic and PlayStation, new skins for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have been announced. This amusing game will feature PlayStation’s lovable Astro Bot skin, as well as a bionic T-Rex suit starting tomorrow.

One more collaboration with PlayStation

In recent months, the partnership between Mediatonic and PlayStation has been extremely productive. Costumes from Ghost of Tsushima, LittleBigPlanet, and Horizon were introduced months ago. Astro Bot, a character from Team Asobi’s platformer, will now appear in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with new attire in order to win the game and a crown.

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The developer did say that this new content has been in the works for a while, and they talked about the creative process behind each garment, particularly Astro Bot and T-Rex, the Bean’s two new uniforms.

The T-Rex is familiar to Astro fans, but also to PlayStation aficionados, as this character appeared in the 1994 console tech demo. Mediatonic released the two characters’ early design sketches until the final 3D model of each was completed.

Sweet Thieves

With the release of these two skins comes a new event in which we may earn a lot of points in order to unlock the skins that will be released tomorrow.

This new event, Sweet Thieves, will run from March 8 to 13 and will involve challenges that, once accomplished, will award players with points that can be utilized to obtain six Astro Bot cosmetic pieces.

  • ‘Astro Bot’ Pattern – 100 Points
  • ‘Astro Bot’ Nameplate – 200 Points
  • ‘Astro Bot’ Lower Costume – 400 Points
  • ‘Astro Bot’ Nickname – 600 Points
  • ‘Astro Bot’ Upper Costume – 800 Points
  • ‘Astro’s Wave’ Emote – 1000 Points

Please note that the event does not include the new T-Rex skin. It’ll be released on March 10th, and we’ll be able to get it right away from the store. For a total of 10 crowns, the upper half of the skin can be acquired for 5 crowns, and the lower part for 5 crowns.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game that can also be played on a PC. The game is still in development for Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch, but Mediatonic has yet to announce a release date.

Watch the reveal trailer of these 2 skins down below.

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