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Atari Holds Off on PS3 Support

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell said that the company may not release a PS3 game until 2007, though they are accelerating development on Nintendo’s Wii.

Is Atari supporting all three of the next-gen consoles equally?

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We’re supporting them fairly equally; it’s just that we’re lacking information about the PS3 at this stage, because we have basically a rough release date and a high retail price point.

As far as the Wii and the Xbox 360 go, we’ll be there for this season; for PS3, we’ll probably have to wait a little later in the year before we release some new titles.

So we might not see any Atari titles on PS3 until 2007?

Yes, which was always planned. We are just accelerating some of the Wii titles, because with the technology being so close to the GameCube, we are able to effectively convert teams faster than on PS3.