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Atlas the Titan coming to Smite


The folks at Hi-Rez Studios are seeking to improve Smite‘s gameplay experience with the addition of a new character.

Hi-Rez Studios unveiled the next character that will be accessible in the MOBA of Gods during the month of December. This comes after the debut of Cliodhna as the new Goddess for Smite. Atlas, the Titan of the Cosmos, is at the helm.

The titans have come to face the gods

As we all know, Atlas is one of the great titans of Greek mythology, who was compelled to carry the weight of the sky on his back after the gods commanded by Zeus gained control of Olympus.

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This new Titan is a typical guardian, with a focus on crowd management and aiding friends or hindering adversaries. He is primarily built to be a double lane protector. Although we fully anticipate gamers and pros to give him a go in the Solo Lane, we believe he will struggle. Atlas may be played aggressively, laying the groundwork for his allies’ kills, but he can also be played as a real protector. We feel he can be versatile in his play while being a Support.

Atlas is regarded as one of the most lethal titans, as well as the strongest, which he will employ to conquer the battlefields of Smite. Something Hi-Rez is striving for with the inclusion of Titans to its moba, because being a level beyond many gods, the Titans’ intimidating and strength will be conveyed to the game.

“We want Titans in Smite to stand out from the rest of the roster. We have already set a precedent for Titans in our universe through the game mechanic of Titan bosses – the ones players must slay to win the game. We will draw inspiration from these, as well as taking strong themes from Atlas’ unique persona,” said Eve “HiRezHoney”, Community Specialist at Hi-Rez Studios.

Smite is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC for free.

Watch the reveal trailer of Atlas down below!