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Atlus Announces Baroque for PS2 and Wii

Atlus has announced Baroque, a hardcore dungeon-crawling action RPG, for the Wii and PlayStation 2. For the Wii owner who craves a pure RPG experience but doubts one will arrive. Your game is coming. For the PS2 owner knelt before a framed photograph of their beloved system, a single lit candle illuminating tears slowly trickling down their face, betraying thoughts laden with worry that the system is near its end.

For anyone who loves a good action RPG, one loaded with items to find and customize, packed with tons of twisted monsters to vanquish, boasting a powerful musical score, and featuring an innovative story progression system in which death is not the end, but rather, the means by which to move the story forward… Baroque is coming. Look for it February 2008!

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