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Atlus Refutes Famitsu Article on Trauma Center

If there is anything that I have learned the past three and a half years running Game Freaks 365, it is not to mess with PR people (yes, I’m talking about you Acclaim from two years ago). Seriously though, it is pretty rare that a publisher release a statement about an article in a major publication, especially one as powerful in the industry as Famitsu. Atlus claims that a “recent article on Trauma Center: Second Opinion has
triggered a lot of online coverage today (Thursday), not all of it accurate.”

Some of the points Atlus makes are things that we already know, like “Trauma Center: Second Opinion will be a [Nintendo] Wii launch title in North America.” Atlus also stresses that “Trauma Center: Second Opinion is NOT a quick-and-dirty port! It has new graphics and animation; new surgical implements and operation types; a second playable character with new missions; multiple difficulty modes; and a revised control system that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote. It’s a remake (or “Wii-make,” if you prefer) with gobs of added content.” As always, we will keep you posted on the latest and in the coming weeks, we will be speaking to Atlus about their fall lineup.

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