Atomic Heart
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Atomic Heart boasts jaw-dropping graphics with new Nvidia DLSS 3 technology

Atomic Heart

A little more than a month before its release, Atomic Heart boasts truly jaw-dropping graphics.

As is to be expected, as the years go by, the graphics in video games are improving. In 2023, with Nvidia’s technological advances, it is planned that this technological leap will be even more remarkable. A clear example of this is what the studio Mundfish recently presented to us.

In a new gameplay video, Atomic Heart is shown in the highest possible graphics quality. Taking advantage of Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology, the game manages to squeeze the graphics to a clearly impressive level. It even manages to position itself as one of the FPS games with the highest graphics performance to date.

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A graphical leap thanks to DLSS 3

Since its announcement at Nvidia’s Special Address at CES 2023, Atomic Heart looks very promising. FPS games are not known for their graphics. Even so, there are great exponents such as the classic Crysis that squeeze the most out of the game’s graphical power. But, Atomic Heart seeks to set the bar much higher, and boy, has it succeeded!

Or at least that’s what we can see in the latest gameplay trailer. Atomic Heart is one of the first games to be 100% compatible with Nvidia DLSS 3. A ray-tracing and texture generation technology designed to increase the graphics level of video games. Atomic Heart, beyond taking advantage of this technology, has very well-done graphic modeling.

Mundfish seeks compatibility with Nvidia DLSS 3 to improve particle generation. In the gameplay trailer, we can get proof of it. The level of particles, and the achieved with the ray-tracing, show how advanced this technology is. Undoubtedly, a gameplay experience that will certainly appeal to many players who are passionate about graphics.

Clearly, Atomic Heart arrives as an underdog in this first quarter of the year. Maybe the game’s striking story coupled with the graphics will make it the unexpected hit of 2023. Still, we have less than a month left to find out if this will be true or not.

Atomic Heart will arrive on February 21 and will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass. The game obviously only takes advantage of DLSS 3 on PC.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below!