Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart continues to gain more and more players

After all the controversies of the game, Mundfish shares a historical milestone of the studio

One of the biggest surprises of this first quarter in the industry is Atomic Heart. This game full of bullets, robots, and a Soviet-style, has arrived without making much noise. It was even thought to be just another run-of-the-mill game. But surprisingly, Atomic Heart does incredibly well for a first title from a small studio.

Just because of this, it was expected that the success of Atomic Heart would not be so great. But, Mundfish reports that the game has already collected 5 million players worldwide!

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An unexpected success for the studio

Atomic Heart has undoubtedly been the surprise so far this year. Not only considering that it comes from an indie studio but the final product. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Atomic Heart yet, here at GameFreaks 365 we did a 30-minute Let’s Play of the game.

We, the gamers, have not been the only ones surprised by Atomic Heart. Mundfish, the studio behind the game, has also checked it out. It has been one of the best Xbox Game Pass releases in the last 4 months. But, most relevant of all has been the number of players it has amassed so far.

Mundfish, through Twitter, has shared that in 3 weeks, they have amassed 5 million players worldwide. “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our first game. Our team has worked hard since 2017 to create a project that delivers the ultimate gaming experience, and we are delighted to see that Atomic Heart has resonated with gamers worldwide!” the Mundfish team has shared.

In addition, the team has shared via social media, and Discord channels, that they are working to address many of the requests from gamers. Which, for the most part, are small bugs or requested changes to improve the gaming experience. Hats off to Mundfish and congratulations on this incredible milestone for the studio.