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Attack On Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind Could Be Coming West

Attack On Titan 3DS - Banner

If you aren’t familiar with Attack on Titan, the anime series has recently been increasing in popularity in North America – so much that the slick-looking Nintendo 3DS game based on the show, The Last Wings of Mankind, appears to be coming to western regions. 

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The Attack on Titan game was previously exclusive to Japan, but a listing on the Australian Classification Board may have just outed the plans for The Last Wings of Mankind to be localized in Australia, North America, and possibly even Europe.

Check out the Japanese trailer of the Attack on Titan game below:

Although there has been no official confirmation from Atlus, the listing specifically mentioned “Atlus USA” as a publisher, going further to suggest a PAL version of the game for European regions.

Have you ever watched Attack on Titan? What are your thoughts about the show and the 3DS game?