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Paladins champion Azaan, Dark Depths event pass out now

Paladins Absolution

The champion Azaan the Eternal has made his triumphant arrival in Paladins with his blazing wings and intimidating presence.

Hi-Rez Studios, in conjunction with Evil Mojo Games, has announced the arrival of the latest Paladins update, Absolution. With the addition of Azaan, the Dark Depths event pass, and Brody the Mount Shark, Absolution serves as a prelude to what awaits us in Paladins next month.

Azaan the Eternal

Azaan the Eternal has appeared in Paladins after being mentioned about a month ago. Azaan can create a holy shrine to defend his companions, offering shelter and obscuring lines of sight with a gigantic hammer wreathed in flames. These immovable barriers, on the other hand, might imprison susceptible opponents and lead them to their doom.

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Azaan The Eternal

Azaan is the product of fan demands for a new frontline class tank and is intended to sit alongside Terminus and Yagorath in the game’s current meta. However, Azaan will provide us with a little more than we’ve come to expect from this class.

Azaan uses his passive ability to feed on Ire. His Ire constantly builds after a long battle, which provides him with passive advantages and boosts his powers. Azaan leaps into the heavens and crashes his hammer into the ground, as if delivering a sentence, before rising to carry it out himself.

Dark Depths

Event Passes have been a popular feature in Paladins in recent months. Paladins Event Passes, which work similarly to monthly season passes in other games, are a wonderful method to obtain a big quantity of in-game goodies, which you can purchase by buying 400 crystals and receiving over 40 things as well as all the special skins. Even if you do not have to buy the 400 crystals, you may still earn rewards by playing the game, but you will only receive one of the unique skins.

Dark Depths Event Pass

The new Event Pass for this month is named Dark Depths. An event pass centered on the depths of the ocean in which players may get four underwater skins and twenty additional themed awards unlocked just by playing matches, including some free ones like the Tyra Royal Mark.

In addition, the Dark Depths event Pass includes a new cycle of the popular game mode Trials of the Realm, which was released a few months ago. Trials are appealing in-game tasks that may be achieved when they become available on a weekly basis. By completing them, players have access to money and cosmetics, such as Azaan’s first MVP posture and the “Mass of Tentacles” player title.


A new terrifying (yet endearing to many) mount is on its way to Paladins. Brody the Shark is a mount in which Brody is levitating rather than swimming. It follows on the heels of its predecessor, the Celestial Whale mount, which received universal approval from the community earlier this year. If you wish to obtain Brody’s mount, you may do it either straight from the store or through chests.

Brody The Shark

Absolution, the latest Paladins update, is now free on all platforms where the game is accessible.

Watch the Azaan trailer down below!