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Balsa Model Flight Simulator is now available on Steam Early Access

Balsa Model Flight Simulator

Following a 4 week open beta, Balsa Model Flight Simulator arrived on Early Access.

Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe, inventor and main developer of the original Kerbal Space Program, announced today the release of their latest studio product, Balsa Model Flight Simulator, on Steam Early Access.

The game is intended to offer something truly unique in the flight sim category, and it advances the next step in player-built flight simulation games with its detailed, powerful editor, which allows players to design, build, fly, and battle their own model aircraft, delivering an entirely new, multi-genre experience for virtual pilots of all skill levels.

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“I was really nervous about launching such an extended Beta test for Balsa but really wanted to get back to that feeling of creating a game with the community from the very beginning” said Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe, the lead developer of Floating Origin Interactive.

“We really wanted to make sure we were launching a game with the absolute best foundation before we put it into Early Access, just like we did with Kerbal Space Program 10 years ago, and the players so far have really made it a joy to get the game to this stage. Can’t wait to see what happens over the coming weeks and months.” He added.

Balsa Model Flight Simulator is now available on PC via Steam Early Access.

Watch the Steam Early Access release trailer of the game here on Game Freaks 365.