Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Review

Developer: Knowledge Adventure Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Release Date: October 14, 2003 Also On: PS2 and Xbox

After my morning newspaper grind, I always await the mailman for the next game that I receive from various companies. Embarrassingly, one morning I found myself opening a yellow package to find that Vivendi Universal Games had sent me Barbie Horse Adventure: Wild Horse Rescue. The first thing that I asked myself was “What were they thinking in Fresno?� home to Vivendi Universal Games. After calling Andrew and telling him to guess what wonderful game I received in the mail, I popped the disc into my Xbox. The horror that awaits you should be kept sealed within all Target stores around the globe.

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Actually, more embarrassing than the fact that I actually played the Barbie game was the fact that I actually found some of the game enjoyable, or at least, tolerable. My comrades at Game Freaks 365 must commend me for my efforts at keeping my reviews impartial, because this game really pushed my limits. Talking to myself, I say, “Think of it this way Kyle, if you were a girl, at the age of 7, and named Kylie, you might like this game.� Yeah, thanks a lot inner-self.

Barbie, along with her friends Teresa and Christie are visiting the Silver Valley Riding School. One night, a huge storm blows open the gates and all of the horses are scared off into the surrounding area. As Barbie, you, along with your friends, must help rescue the horses for Mrs. Hepburn, the riding school owner. You will have to travel throughout three unique environments, with three areas in each environment. Environments include Forest Lake, Snowy Mountains, and Shoreline.

First, you will start off at the riding school stables. Here, you can enter various buildings where you can change Barbie’s outfit, pick a horse, and pick the horse’s color, clothing, etc. Throughout the game, you can collect silver and bronze coins, which are used to earn new outfits. Barbie must keep her horse happy by petting, feeding, and bathing it. The “friendship meterâ€? tells how much your horse trusts you. Throughout the game, you can collect carrots to keep your horse’s “friendship meterâ€? up and will also have to feed other animals that may be blocking the trail, so you can pass, while they are distracted.

The goal of Barbie Horse Adventures is to rescue each horse in all of the surrounding areas. In each area, there are also foals, which must be escorted to “safe points�. In each area, there are 6-8 foals that must be rescued and then the one horse. Horses are at the end of each area and must be lassoed, by approaching them and staying within a relatively close distance, until a bar indicates that you can lasso it with A.

Each path may have various obstacles, whether it be animals, rolling logs, or gates, which need keys to open. Horse Adventure features some minor “puzzles�, but nothing that a 7 year-old couldn’t figure out. A handy hint is to whistle for your horse while you are far away, it will save you time, considering how slow Barbie is. In conclusion, Barbie Horse Adventure is recommended to give to your younger sister, while you are busy doing something else. An equation that could describe the hurdles in this game is animals + rolling logs = the only trouble you will find in the whole game.

Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 4
Creativity: 5
Replay Value/Game Length: 6
Final: 5.2
Written by Kyle Review Guide

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