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Batman: Arkham Asylum Free Map Pack Downlad Coming September 17

Eidos and Warner Bros. Interactive today announced the Insane Night Map Pack, a free downloadable map pack for the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum action adventure title, which Game Freaks 365 gave a 9 out of 10. Beginning September 17th, the Insane Night Map Pack will be available from PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Games for Windows. It offer gamers two new Challenge Maps to hone their FreeFlow Combat skills and test their Invisible Predator prowess.

In the Totally Insane FreeFlow Combat map, players’ will be tested to their fullest as scores of escaped lunatics bear down upon Batman as they make their escape through the asylum’s secure records facility. These fast-moving foes will challenge all but the most practiced players, with quick reactions and expert timing needed to fend off wave upon wave of insane inmates, bent on taking down the Dark Knight. In the Nocturnal Hunter Invisible Predator map, players take on a wholly different approach, practicing their predatory skills to remain in the shadows, utilizing the Arkham watchtowers and Batman’s arsenal of gadgets to gain the upper hand on The Joker’s army of goons patrolling below.

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