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Battle Cry of Freedom

Place yourself in the brutal American Civil War and battle with 500+ players.

After an almost ten-year development period, Flying Squirrel Entertainment has announced that Battle Cry of Freedom, its action-packed multiplayer game, will launch in March. In this new game from the makers of Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars, you may fight as either the Union or the Confederacy.

Fight in the Civil War

Players must select a side in Battle Cry of Freedom and play across diverse levels inspired by significant battle places on the American frontier. Customize your soldier’s clothing with historically realistic characteristics like thread count and button count. Join the Civil War and join the combat, whether you’re an infantryman, an engineer, an artilleryman, or a variety of other roles.

Battle Cry of Freedom

Players may also use the available modding tools to construct their own maps for reenactments or warfare, with possibilities to customize the time of day, weather effects, custom loadouts, and seasons.

Soldiers will also be able to play the new Commander Battles mode, which allows them to command their own company of AI-controlled troops. All of this while participating in enormous multiplayer fights with up to 500 people battling on the same battlefield at the same time.

On March 1st, Battle Cry of Freedom is available for $19.99 on Steam for PC. Players may add the game to their Steam wishlist now. If you’re anxious to try it out, there is an exclusive trial available during Steam Next Fest from February 21 to 28.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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