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Battlefield 2042 mods warn players after receiving insults and threats on social media

Battlefield 2042 mods

Since launch, the team has had a difficult job not only with the development of the game but also with the community.

Despite the hype surrounding Battlefield 2042 during the previous two years, the game’s debut was difficult, not just because it was published while still in production but also because the online community made the game’s moderators and creators’ lives a living hell.

With a slew of technical issues that plagued the game’s early days, as well as a huge number of reports from players, the game’s moderators and creators are now facing a barrage of insults and threats on social media. The toxicity appears to all be coming to a head.

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Andy McNamara, EA’s worldwide head of communications, was clearly one of the most impacted members of the team, and he published a thread on Twitter detailing the issue. He later had to remove the topic in order to be more clear and prevent the abuse he was receiving.

These issues and discussions eventually made their way to the game’s official Reddit, where, despite a message from the game’s moderators acknowledging that there are things to change, they have been clear in stating that if they continue to receive hate messages and insults, they will close the space. According to the moderators, it has reached a point where it is affecting DICE employees’ mental health.

Many people comprehended the problem in reaction to this Reddit post, but many others continued to make critical comments. So we’ll have to wait and see what steps the game’s development team and moderators take as criticism continues.