Battlefield 3 mod lets you play in the most realistic way possible

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BF3 Reality Mod

A large group of developers has created a realistic mod for Battlefield 3 that looks like a cross between Arma and Escape From Tarkov.

Battlefield is one of the most important FPS franchises on the market. Although the developers, with each new release (except Battlefield 2042) do incredible things, it has always been thought that something more realistic can be achieved.

In itself, Battlefield has always been “realistic,” but a group of developers has pushed the limits even further. BF3: Reality Mod presents a realistic experience for Battlefield 3 that you should definitely try.

A mod that leaves you speechless

Created by a group of more than 80 developers, BF3: Reality Mod is a project that has been running for seven years. Keeping the essence of Battlefield, players can fight those incredible battles between two teams where only one is victorious. This incredible mod takes the Battlefield gaming experience to another level.

BF3: Reality Mod mod modifies a number of elements that takes the game to its most realistic state possible. Decreasing the interface, upgrading the animations, scenarios, and more make you live each game as if you were there. But not only that, having a very reduced interface, you must be in communication with the members of your team to know where the enemy is.

BF3 Reality Mod

“We want to create an environment, where in order to succeed, one must rely on other team members and not only on personal skills. We want to make players feel that by doing even a small task of a bigger plan, they are contributing to their team’s victory. And each kit is a useful instrument for achieving that,” the development team says.

This makes each player take a tactical approach, where each false step could mean losing the game. Despite bringing the realism of Battlefield 3 to its purest state, BF3: Reality Mod does not turn the game into a simulator. Still, the gameplay is very comparable to what we can play in some Arma titles and Escape From Tarkov while maintaining its “arcade” essence that so many of us like.

The resurgence of Battlefield 3 has arrived

This project speaks of the love of many video game fans for their favorite shooter. Seven years of dedication have been transformed into a mod that changes the game completely. It’s a testament to their love of this game.

If you want to download BF3: Reality Mod, the BF3:RM Dev team explains here every step to have this incredible mod in your game. Don’t wait any longer and live this unique Battlefield 3 experience.

Watch the mod’s gameplay trailer down below!