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Battlefield Mobile, the version for Android and iOS, is already upon us

Battlefield Mobile

While we wait for Battlefield 2042 to arrive, we keep one eye on Battlefield Mobile.

The adaptation of one of EA Dice’s biggest franchises for mobile betting is something that all mobile gamers have been waiting for since the release of Call of Duty Mobile. Through EA’s Answer HQ, what they promised us since the announcement of Battlefield 2042 has been a reality: Battlefield Mobile is now available, and we can see the first images of the game on Google Play.

Great title experience in the palm of your hand.

It offers the same emotions and events that have made the saga famous, such as falling from skyscrapers, parachute leaps, and annihilating opponents with massive vehicles. In addition to the mythological classes that have always existed in Dice’s war games: Assault, Support, Medical, and Scout. Classes that we may personalize by altering various aspects such as main weapons, secondary weapons, grenades, and more.

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The game will be tested in a series of smaller play tests in Indonesia and the Philippines to begin. The first of them will be available solely on Android smartphones and will begin in the fall of 2021. After a period, the locations and number of people participating in each test will be extended, with the objective of launching the game by 2022.

Along with what EA Dice has said about the game, the pictures on the game’s Play Store website provide us a brief preview of the title, which appears to be a Battlefield loyal to the series.