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Beast Wars Transforms on DVD

The Beast Wars saga continues as the high-octane yet deeply layered series Beast Machine Transformers: The Complete Series debuts on DVD. The Maximals- led by a now troubled and soul searching Optimus Primal- must battle the powerful Megatron and his new army of Vehicons while learning a whole new way of transforming that requires mind/body discipline. The future of their home planet of Cybertron is at stake. Get ready for a complex, spiritual, and action-packed chapter in the Transformers story.

This beautiful disc set includes 26 original, uncut episodes in 5.1 surround sound and brand new interviews with many of the cast and behind the scenes players. Each episode, spanning the first and second seasons of the television series, combines to equal over 700 minutes of transforming fun. Beast Machines Transformers: The Complete Series will be in stores on February 28, 2006 for $59.95.

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