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Beginner Tips for Oblivion

These are some useful beginner tips for Oblivion. In terms of mechanics, The Elder Scrolls IV has aged, and these mechanics are deeper and more complicated than those of, say, Skyrim. While Oblivion is certainly not as complicated to get used to as Morrowind, I believe that these tips will help you enjoy the game better with little to no frustration. I will also include some tips for you to better enjoy the game and be immersed in the richly detailed world of the Imperial Province.


Beginner Tips for Oblivion

This is a very simple tip. Walk. Try not to fast travel at the start of the game because simply traversing grants you levels in your Athletics skill. And you can enjoy exploring the beautiful wilds of Cyrodiil.

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You must travel to the settlement known as Weynon Priory as your first objective after leaving the sewers of the Imperial City. From here I advise you to simply walk to your destination on foot. Unlike Skyrim, you can actually fast travel to some locations even before first visiting them in Oblivion. But doing so grants you no levels.

Stick to the roads

Beginner Tips for Oblivion

Sticking to the beaten path at the start of your game can be what separates life and death in Oblivion. There are all sorts of wicked creatures and bandits in the woods, prepared to strike unaware travellers. While the danger certainly exists even when traveling on the roads, it’s much lower.

Melee Combat

When you encounter tough enemies on your travels, you may have to defend yourself. In any combat scenario, keep in mind that your Fatigue (Stamina) drains with each attack you perform. This doesn’t matter if you’re performing a light, fast attack or a slow, heavy attack. Respectively, stamina will drain a little and a lot depending on your attacks. Blocking also consumes Fatigue. You will also move around when fighting, and moving also consumes a little Fatigue. Be patient and only attack at the right time. Don’t button mash. Your enemies will block and attempt to counter your attacks, so be prepared to be defensive.

Be Patient

This is another important tip for you to survive combat scenarios. As I mentioned above, you will consume Fatigue when walking. When you have less than a quarter of Fatigue left (the Green Bar is what depicts your Fatigue), rest. Refill your Fatigue and then travel again. You don’t know when you will encounter an enemy, so being prepared is ideal.

Speak with Characters

Learning more about the world you’re in is very important, not only in a game but also in real life. Speak with others to learn their opinions about the world of Cyrodiil. Doing so may also give you new quests to complete. Learn about politics, cities, and other stuff by speaking with many people.

You will be able to persuade or intimidate characters in Oblivion in a different way from Skyrim. This is like a mini-game where you have to win the friendship of people by saying the right things. Be mindful that this may not work efficiently at the beginning of the game because your Personality level will be low, most likely. The more Personality you have, the easier it is to convince others. Failing to convince others will reduce their trust in you, and you don’t want that. So, attempt persuasion only when you’re confident of your levels.

Be careful when stealing

In towns, be completely sure that there are no people in sight when you attempt to pick locks or steal items. The guards will chase you all over the city just because you stole 5 gold. You don’t want to end up in jail at the beginning of the game, so be very careful when attempting to do criminal activities.

Loot as many items as you can

When you locate valuable weapons or any other items that you won’t use, don’t throw them out. Instead, sell them and earn money. You will be needing a lot of money throughout the game and selling loot is one of the best ways to earn. But be careful not to be over-encumbered by looting more items than you can carry. Manage your inventory wisely, and leave space for other items you may find further in your travels.

Stick to a build

Beginner Tips for Oblivion

The leveling system of Oblivion is a little complicated. You must stick to the build you’re planning to use. Being a stealth archer who also wears heavy armor and carries two-handed weapons will be very inefficient. If you’re going for a Thief or an Assassin build as I did, invest in skills that govern stats associated with the build.

Use your Healing Spell

Beginner Tips for Oblivion

You will get a healing spell at the very start of the game, and it’s a quick way to replenish lost Health. You simply need to press the assigned button to replenish a bit of health. This also works in combat. Even if you’re not playing a Mage character, this spell will be useful.