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Beginner’s Guide to GTA Online Diamond Casino

Casinos have been featured in some of the most popular video games for years. There’s something about trying your luck while completing a side quest or even a main challenge that brings out the inner gambler in players and allows them to experience new thrills. 

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is undoubtedly one of the biggest games to include a casino and challenge players to test their gambling skills—but not in the way you may think.

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Below, we’ve compiled a beginner’s guide to the GTA Online Diamond Casino—one of the most challenging (and rewarding) areas to play online games. If you’re prepping to visit the casino, read on. 

GTA Online

Before getting into the Diamond Casino, let’s look quickly at Grand Theft Auto Online. The game is the online portion of the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto V, which is still the latest iteration of the franchise despite being released in 2013. On the other hand, the internet is currently abuzz with purported leaks and speculations surrounding GTA VI

Unlike GTA V, which is played chiefly offline, GTA Online has been designed to be a different gaming experience almost every time you play. The world, which constantly evolves based on the players in it, is ever-changing and offers several unique and varying challenges—which are also updated regularly. 

With a maximum of 30 players per world, the game lets you experience the GTA lifestyle alongside players from every aspect of life worldwide. This mix of play styles, cultures, and players leads to an incredible experience that always keeps you guessing what may happen next.  

The Diamond Casino

The Diamond Casino and Resort is one of the most recognized locations in the GTA Online world. First introduced in 2019, the casino was the main plot point for a while—especially considering your player will become a VIP member at the exclusive location.

Initially, playing the game will have you assisting with staff problems. However, it comes to light shortly after that a hostile takeover is in progress, and you’ll be required to protect the casino. 

While doing this, you uncover the various plans in motion to change how the casino operates and make it unrecognizable to those who love frequenting it. As such, you must remove the man behind the takeover—Avery Duggan.

While doing these various activities to save the casino, it is the place to be if you want to indulge in some of your gambling desires. The game features the ability to gamble on multiple casino-like mini-games that let you win (and lose) your character money. 

More than that, the Diamond Casino update of the game went one step further than simply allowing you to gamble to get more cash. It introduced casino chips as an official currency in the game—meaning that you could take your winnings wherever you wanted without having to cash them in. 

Just like gambling in New Jersey casinos can earn you serious profits, the Diamond Casino is a surefire way to earn cash while taking a break from the main story with side quests and mini-games—something that GTA is famous for providing in almost all versions of the game.

The Diamond Casino Heist

Once you have stopped any takeover, don’t get complicit and start thinking that your days will now be filled with relaxation and wagering your heart away. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

After saving the casino, things change as you plan to pull off a heist that will cripple the very establishment you worked to protect. This you do alongside Georgina Cheng—who holds a grudge against her brother, Tao, the casino owner.

As with most well-planned heists in GTA, GTA Online, and even real life, things go into motion long before the actual heist begins. Here, they start with you opening an arcade that acts as a front for the criminal operations happening within. 

However, opening the arcade isn’t enough, as it must seem like a legitimate business to stay off the radar. So, you’ll need to stock it with games and manage it in a way that you would expect an actual arcade owner to work with their business. 

Once your arcade is set up, the work of surveillance begins as you hunt down intel that will help you pull off the final heist. Among these mini challenges are scouting entry points, identifying security systems, and speaking to others with inside knowledge of how the casino’s systems work. 

Once all the intel is received, you can pull off the heist as silently as possible by pretending to be part of the staff (which is harder to believe considering you used to be a VIP member) or by going hard to the wall and storming the venue. 

Regardless of how you complete your Diamond Casino heist, having the right team with you is essential and makes this heist one of the most profitable out of any offered in the online game. 


Once you’ve pulled off the heist, there is little else left to do at the Diamond Casino and Resort. While you are still welcome in the casino to play games and try your luck at boosting your bank balance, a few other challenges revolve around the casino moving forward. 

That being said, prepare to hear the casino’s name thrown in, amongst other challenges to reference where you’re going or even what you need to do. But between completing the ever-important work of ruling the town and staying alive, remember to take some time to enjoy a quick wager at one of the best locations.