Behind the Beyond is a 2D point and click adventure coming soon to Kickstarter

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Behind the Beyond

Behind the Beyond focuses on Hungarian folklore and is primarily told as a folktale with a distinct soundtrack and visual style.

Sugarpunch Games, a British indie company, revealed today that their forthcoming game, Behind the Beyond, is coming to Kickstarter tomorrow.

Behind the Beyond is a 2D, cartoon-style point-and-click adventure with RPG elements in which you play as Johnny, the youngest son of a very poor man who has just left his home in the hopes of finding a job and traveling around the world, but along the way he encounters all sorts of magical mysteries when he arrives at the Kingdom Behind the Beyond.

A mysterious point & click game out of the ordinary

Things get a little out of hand in this beautiful 2D point-and-click adventure. Behind the Beyond is a mash-up of the point-and-click genre with RPG features, thus in addition to the typical interactions, we have three unique acts that need you to develop Johnny’s abilities of Strength, Charm, and Dexterity. Some options and solutions will be unavailable if Johnny lacks the necessary skills.

As a result, you must be aware that every decision you make has a significant impact. There are several endings and numerous side missions where you must determine how things will unfold, which will impact the overall conclusion of the tale.

An adventure full of Hungarian folklore

The whole adventure of Sugarpunch Games’ next game will be told in the style of a Hungarian folktale. You are bathed in intricately detailed and fantastically strange artwork based on folk art and other needlework techniques as you travel. Also, your excursions are accompanied by the wonderful Kerekes Band’s one-of-a-kind and lovely music.

Behind the Beyond‘s Kickstarter campaign will go live on Tuesday, October 19th. Currently, the game has a free PC demo available on Steam. So if you enjoy point-and-click adventures and the Sugarpunch Games game piques your interest, don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Watch the trailer of the game down below!

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