Bermuda Triangle Review

Developer: Data Age Publisher: Data Age
Release Date: 1982 Also On: None

Groan, here’s another typical title. Seeing more and more games like this makes me realize why the console market hit a temporary bust in the 2600’s later years. Bermuda Triangle is just one of many examples of the drudge that some companies were popping out. Basically, it’s another variant of the classic shooter formula, it has a few features to make it stand out from more worthless games, but in the end it’s just another shooter with very little to offer to even the casual player.

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Graphically, Bermuda Triangle is generally better than some of the stuff this company was known for, such as the horrible Bugs, which I already reviewed. The majority of the sprites pretty clearly indicate what they’re supposed to, and the sub you control has some fairly nice animations. One of the better sub sprites I’ve seen on the system, maybe even the best. Various creatures are clearly indicated. The colors are a little drab overall, and some of the scenery is unclear, but Bermuda Triangle does what it needs to.

As for the sound, Bermuda Triangle doesn’t have anything alluring going on. The endless hum of your submarine is irritating, but your missiles sound pretty good. Explosions are rather drab and when you die you get the typical noise-gate effect. Nothing new here, and for the time period that’s kind of a shame.

Bermuda Triangle has some decent graphics and average to below average sound, but the biggest flaw you’ll find here is the gameplay. Bermuda Triangle is generally worthless in this regard and almost as mindless as the legendary Space Jockey. Basically, you’re controlling a sub trying to piece together some treasure, which you’ll see moving past on the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to get it, which makes it kind of stupid, but if you want more points you can grab them. To do so, you capture a piece, avoiding the bombs, and take it to the surface craft you’ll see moving by, watching out for the one that can destroy you. On your way up you need to dodge mines, sharks, squids and alien craft (yeah, not sure what they’re doing in the water). The mines and UFOs instantly destroy you, but the creatures merely make you lose your cargo and points. So that’s it, shoot to kill, dodge when you can and collect parts. I have to say there are thankfully no programming glitches, though now and then you’ll die because an enemy comes from behind you without you having any way of knowing it. Stay closer to the middle of the screen, however, and this is avoided. The main problem I have with Bermuda Triangle is that the gameplay is just too basic, there really isn’t any challenge here, nor fun. You can get a feel for that in the video below:

Bermuda Triangle isn’t a very creative game either. It combines several ideas from older titles and though they’re not poorly implemented in essence, they’re not really fun either in reality. You’ll basically start to doze off while you play it because of the lack of variety and challenge in the long run.

I really don’t have any reason to play Bermuda Triangle after writing this review. I really doubt anyone would actually want to sit down and play it, even though it’s not necessarily awful. Problem is, awful games usually have replay value because they’re hilarious at the same time, but this is just average. You can play as long as you like, too, though I’d bet you’ll get sick of it in about 2-3 minutes. As such, you’re better off not bothering with it in the first place.

Bermuda Triangle is yet another example of the Atari 2600’s later library, yet another boring shooter with hardly anything new to offer. At this point in the system’s life, pretty much everything had been done and it took something really unique to stand out. Just skimming on the surface to make some cash like every other company is basically what led to the system’s demise. Bermuda Triangle is an average game, at best, but in my opinion there are plenty of other average titles that you’ll have more fun playing. Just avoid this one.

Graphics: 6.5
Sound: 5.5
Gameplay: 4
Creativity: 3
Replay Value/Game Length: 2.5
Final: 4.3
Written by Stan Review Guide

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