Best Apps in Microsoft Store

These are some of the Best Apps in the Microsoft Store. The entries on this list are based on the ratings and the overall popularity of Microsoft Store apps. And these apps are programs which are not games. Also, these apps cost nothing to download; all are free.


Best Apps in Microsoft Store

If you use WhatsApp often on your phone and is constantly checking for new messages, having WhatsApp installed on your PC will prove to be very accessible and useful. This is one of the most used apps in the Microsoft Store. It is a free download.

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Best Apps in Microsoft Store

For a movie or TV show fan, a Netflix subscription is almost essential. You can install the app for free from Microsoft Store, but obviously, you still need to pay for the subscription. This is an easy way to access Netflix through your PC.


Best Apps in Microsoft Store

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform. If you’re like me and always listening to music as you work or study, this is an essential app. You can download it for free.

NVIDIA Control Panel

I’m sure many of you gamers are very familiar with this program. It used to be installed as part of your driver updates/installations and there’s a high chance that you already have this app installed on your PC if you’re an NVIDIA user. You can also get this app through Microsoft Store.


This is more of a utility than an app, to be completely honest. But this might be a wonderful addition to your PC, as it makes your taskbar completely transparent. With it, you can fully see your desktop wallpaper. It’s one of my personal favorite utilities.

Lively Wallpaper

This is a rather big app that allows you to set videos and GIFs as your desktop background. And as setting a live wallpaper consumes some of your resources, I only recommend getting this app if you have a really beefy computer and can spare the resources.

Telegram Desktop

This is a similar app to WhatsApp which allows for messaging and more similar features. If you know acquaintances who use Telegram, having it installed on your desktop computer or laptop will prove to be useful. There is also an app available specifically for mobile devices on Google Play and the App Store.

SpeedTest by Ookla

SpeedTest is an app that is used to determine the speed of your internet connection. This app also allows you to understand some other important things about your connection, like the upload speed and the ping.


Best Apps in Microsoft Store

This is a very useful and efficient app for you to learn a lot of new languages. The user interface is very easy to use and it’s not complex at all. You can learn languages at your own pace with Duolingo. Plus, it’s free to use.


If you’re a programmer or an aspiring programmer, Python is more or less essential. This is a programming language that’s beginner-friendly and easy to learn.