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Best Cloud Gaming Services 2023

Before starting the list of the best cloud gaming services in 2023, let’s discuss cloud gaming in general. Cloud gaming allows users to launch AAA titles on low-end devices like laptops, Chromebooks, or smartphones (if you are a fan of smartphone gaming) or even on a smart TV. Any hardware with minimum system requirements should be okay for cloud gaming.

The system resembles that of video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, etc. where providers own a network of servers, while subscribers simply log in, pick the game they already own or choose a free one and play it. 

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Why is it better than usual gaming? You don’t need to download the games (meaning you don’t have to wait), you can run the games anywhere (laptop at home, smartphone on your way to work, TV at your friend’s house). Most importantly, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a gaming rig to play AAA games.

Below we are looking at the best cloud gaming services in 2023.

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming 

Best Cloud Gaming Services 2023 Boosteroid Cloud Gaming

Boosteroid is the biggest independent cloud gaming provider with 4 million users right now. They host their own GPU servers in 18 data centers in the US and Europe. So their geographical reach is one of the widest on the market and includes Europe, North America, and part of LATAM.

With Boosteroid, you can either use your browser or their custom clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android (mobile and TV), or a PWA for Chromebooks. Boosteroid has one of the largest game libraries among cloud gaming services and it allows users to play the games they already own without having to repurchase them.

Why do we prefer Boosteroid over other cloud gaming services for streamers? They have no time limits for your gaming sessions and allow you to stream the gameplay right on YouTube. No other cloud gaming allows for any of that. 

To start the gaming process, you need to sign up and buy a subscription. They offer two options: a monthly plan for €9.89 or an annual plan for €89.89 (which is just €7.49 per month). Neither of the plans restricts your gaming time so you won’t be interrupted in the middle of the game.

Speaking of games, the games on Boosteroid are divided into two categories – Library (you can simply log in to your Steam, Epic Games Store, or other famous digital distribution platform accounts and launch the games you already own) and Install (the games you need to install yourselves on your remote gaming desktop).

Based on the recent deal between Boosteroid and Microsoft, Xbox Game Studio and Activision Blizzard titles (upon acquisition) soon will be available on Boosteroid in the Library section.

Nvidia GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now also offers different gaming options like a browser version or dedicated clients for your devices, including PCs, Macs, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and mobile devices. NVIDIA GeForce NOW offers several subscription plans, including a free tier that provides one-hour sessions, limited access to games, and standard priority in server queues.

The paid plans offer longer sessions, unlimited access to games, and priority access to servers. The cost of the subscription varies depending on the duration of the session and the plan chosen. However, unlike Boosteroid, GeForceNow limits even the gaming sessions you pay for, and you need to pay €9.99 for a 6-hour session length or €19.99 for an 8-hour session length. 

While NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a popular and widely used cloud gaming service, it is not without its drawbacks. The session length restriction can be a significant inconvenience for users, particularly for those who are used to longplays. On the plus side, you can launch games from game clients like Steam, Epic, and more. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as Project xCloud)

Most of our readers are undoubtedly already aware of Xbox Cloud Gaming. It’s a cloud gaming service from Microsoft that allows users to play Xbox games on their devices without requiring a console. The service offers access to over 300 games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, and supports various devices, including PCs, Macs, Android phones and tablets, and web browsers. The service allows users to play their favorite games on the go.

While it is more expensive than some other cloud gaming services, such as GeForce NOW and Boosteroid, it offers a large game library and built-in access to games, making it a great choice for Xbox fans and gamers who want to play their favorite Xbox games on the go. Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on Amazon Fire TV devices in the United States.

You can use Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.