Best E3 Moments Over the Years

The most important event in the video game industry could be about to say goodbye.

If you are a veteran gamer in the industry, you probably lived the golden age of E3. This conference managed to gather people from all over the world for a single purpose: video games. No matter if you were a console fan or a PC fan, E3 was the biggest thing of the year. But current generations may not know how important it was.

And, unfortunately, they may never know. All the big companies like Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, EA, and many more, have said they will not be part of the event. In fact, many of these companies will not even have booths at the event. So it looks like E3 might disappear. So let’s look back at some of our picks for the best E3 moments. We will always remember E3 for things like this.

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2004: Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie E3

Perhaps one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of E3 was the presentation of one of the most iconic characters in video games. No, I’m not talking about Link, Mario, or Sonic. I’m talking about Reggie Fils-Aime. Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, who is retiring in 2019, made his first appearance in 2004.

From the beginning, this incredible character of the industry was the same. No masks or corporate protocols. Reggie went so far as to tear up the stage by saying “My name is Reggie. I’m about kickin’ ass, I’m about takin’ names, and we’re about makin’ games.” A famous phrase that will go down in history.

2004: Peter Moore shows off Halo 2 tattoo

In another memorable moment at E3 2004, Peter Moore revealed the release date for Halo 2… but he did so in an unusual way. The Microsoft executive rolled up his right sleeve to reveal a Halo 2 tattoo along with the release date: November 9. You can still watch the moment on YouTube.

2013: Sony mocks Xbox and the launch of the Xbox One

PS4 mocks E3

After the success of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation, all gamers were anxiously awaiting the launch of the next generation. A generation that even before its launch, put Xbox as the winner. This is because Microsoft planned to put everything on the table with multi-million dollar investments. But what looked excellent, ended up being very dark.

Xbox presented the Xbox One, and despite the high cost of the console, there was an element that upset all gamers: To lend a physical game, the other person had to pay a small fee to play it. This raised all the red flags and PlayStation knew immediately how to respond to this.

At E3 2013, they made a video that would make a place in the history of video games where we see two PlayStation executives showing how you can lend a game to a friend on the PlayStation 4. Simply by passing it to your friend. No micropayments, no limitations, nothing. A business roast in its purest form.

2010: Gabe Newell appears at the Sony conference

Gabe Newell E3

What do you think when I say “epic crossover”? The Marvel Universe? Street Fighter vs. Marvel? Family Guy with The Simpsons? No folks, the most epic crossover was at E3 2010 when the legendary Gabe Newell appeared on stage at Sony’s conference!

The president of Valve took the time to go to a conference to announce Portal 2 for PlayStation 3. Gabe Newell in this appearance also left another famous phrase of video games. Upon entering the stage, Newell said with some nervousness “I’d like to thank everyone at Sony for their gracious hospitality,” said Newell. “And for everyone at Sony for not repeatedly punching me in the face.”

2015: Final Fantasy VII remake announced


Many moments of joy have been experienced in the world of video games. But, really, nothing compares to Sony’s 2015 presentation. Sony said they had one more release. Many gamers thought of different titles, but no one imagined what was to come.

Surprisingly, all screens turn off and we see CGI animation of a dystopian industrial city. When we least expected it, Clout appears with his legendary sword and a graphic quality that impressed everyone. Not only at the conference but worldwide. All in unison, we screamed and celebrated with excitement after seeing that finally, Final Fantasy VII Remake, the title we were waiting so long for would become a reality.

Undoubtedly, we will miss all these moments from E3. Of course, the cancellation of the event has not yet been announced, but the essence of the event was lost many years ago. However, E3 will always be in our hearts.