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Best Elden Ring starting class for your second playthrough

Some of you may choose to play with a new character again and this may be the Best Starting Class for your second Elden Ring playthrough. Trying out various new builds is one of the best parts of Elden Ring.

After finishing the game once, many of you will move on to New Game Plus with your experienced level 100+ character. That’s certainly one of the best things about FromSoftware games. But many gamers also prefer to create multiple saves of characters, with various weapons and armour. It’s a great way to experiment with the game.

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Elden Ring is certainly one of the most difficult games ever, but playing it for a single time completely means that you’re really experienced with the game and you won’t find many things frustrating. Something that I personally like to do is make the game a little more difficult, then.

Why Wretch is the Best Starting Class for your second playthrough

Best elden ring Starting Class second playthrough
As poor, purposeless and naked as the day they were born. A nice club is all they have.

The Wretch is basically the worst starting class in the game. They have no armour, and their only weapon is a club. They’re like cavemen, in some way, who are utterly ignorant about the weaponry of the world and not particularly skilled in any way. Just a nobody. The Wretch is level 1 and has 10 points in every stat.

Because of how weak and inexperienced the Wretch is, you’ll have a hard time adapting to the unforgiving game world at the start. Even your knowledge of item locations and quest information won’t make the game any less unforgiving. Until you get your hands on a decent weapon and something to cover yourself with, you’ll be preyed upon by many who you’ll have no chance of standing up against.

After gaining a few levels and actually looking decent enough, you can use your knowledge of builds from previous playthroughs to invest points in just the necessary stats. In the beginning, you’ll have no stat with considerable points put in, and you’ll have to think and formulate your build all by yourself.

It will take a rather long time to be able to stand a chance against the first boss in this class, and it’ll be an unforgiving yet adventurous playthrough. Every other class gets armour sets and weapons and none of them makes the game truly difficult for a second-time player. That’s why the Wretch is perfect for players who seek more challenges.

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