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Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit

These are some of the Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit. The subreddit r/HaloMemes is home to many community-made memes that’d make even the Master Chief chuckle. If you’re into all sorts of memes associated with Halo, this subreddit may be worth visiting. If you create such memes, be sure to post them there, and share them with us as well, in the forums.

The History of Spartan II supersoldiers

Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit

This meme is kind of dark, actually. In Halo Infinite, Commander Agryna acts as a supportive and motivating leader that recruits and trains new Spartans. In the past, however, the process was a bit, shall we say, unethical. Most of the Spartan II supersoldiers including our main hero Master Chief were taken in by the UNSC at a very young age and genetically modified into the perfect killing machine. The lore can get somewhat eerie at times.

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Cool Space Man

Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit

This meme is very similar to the above one, in terms of context. We may love the Chief and admire how much of a hero he is, but his past may be a traumatic one. Because he’s genetically modified to just accomplish objectives, he’s possibly incapable of reminiscing about his childhood. That’s both a blessing and a curse, in my opinion.

Halo vs Call of Duty and Battlefield

Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit

We can all agree that Halo is the superior FPS franchise, right? The multiplayer, the stories and the gameplay make every Halo game memorable and fun. While Call of Duty and Battlefield are certainly great games in their own right, Halo is in a league of its own. This meme emphasises that while also dissing the aforementioned two games.

Season 3…

This gets better with the next entry(or worse).

…But who cares?

This may be funny or sad, depending on your opinion. Because of many rampant issues with Halo Infinite (the multiplayer mode, which is free-to-play), many players, including me, have simply dropped the game. Some players who love the game were looking forward to Season 3 of Halo Infinite, like in the former meme. But the player base is more like this now.

The Subanese Crystals

This meme is associated with every single Halo game, not just Infinite. But it’s still quite funny. If you didn’t know, Subanese crystals are the ammunition used in the Needler weapons. They explode on impact and as ammunition, I doubt that poor Elmo was alright after snorting it.

Chief being supportive

This meme is not supposed to be funny, but wholesome. This is actually sound advice that Chief gives here.

Infinite haters

Best Halo Infinite Memes on Reddit

There are a lot of people that simply dislike 343’s Halo games and that would very much prefer Bungie’s games. And a lot of turmoil had been and is being occurred among the fanbase because of this. This meme is about one such gatekeeper and a guy who simply wants to enjoy Infinite.

A Monument to all your sins

Many Halo Infinite players dislike the helmet with the cat ears, for obvious reasons… Some players even declare it a curse because, well, would hardened Spartans really wear helmets with cute cat ears? Maybe they would but many players still hate this addition to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

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