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Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

These are the best incantations for an STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring. Whether it’s a difficult boss fight or a group of enemies, using these with skill will definitely turn the tide of battle in your favour.

In a Strength and Faith build, you’ll be allocating points for melee combat, and many incantations are best used alongside the melee attacks. The list contains incantations that will boost your damage and increase your defenses, as well as some offensive ones.

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Lord’s Heal

Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

In a build like this, you’ll have to increase the number of your Cerulean Tear flask as well as the Crimson Tear flask. At some points, using FP to heal is a better option than using a Crimson Tear flask. Lord’s Heal is one of the best healing incantations in the game. It heals not only the player but his companions as well. You can charge it for it to become even more potent.

Golden Vow

Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

Golden Vow is a buff that will increase your defences and attack power for 80 seconds. This is best used before a difficult boss fight or when facing a dangerous enemy in the world. It may be somewhat difficult to cast it while in battle, and it’s best to cast it beforehand and enter combat with an advantage.

Flame, Grant Me Strength

While this buff lasts only 30 seconds, it stacks with Golden Vow. This is similar to the above incantation, except it doesn’t provide damage negation. It provides 20% more physical damage and 20% more fire affinity damage. While it may be best used in a fire build, it still works well with any other STR/FTH build because of the physical damage boost.

Beast Claw

Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

Beast Claw has been nerfed to make it less powerful than it was previously, but there is no denying that it’s still one of the best offensive incantations in the game. You can easily damage or even kill foes that are in close-to-medium range. In my opinion, though, the best thing about Beast Claw is the way it staggers enemies. It allows you to either escape or get in close to deal more damage. It only requires 8 Faith to use it, and it’s really useful. I highly recommend this incantation.

Lightning Spear

Lightning Spear is a ranged incantation that deals heavy damage on impact. It can be charged for greater effect and I personally use it to dispatch normal enemies quickly without facing them head-on. If you manage to stay somewhat distant from a boss, you can even use the Lightning Spear to fully deplete his health. Its FP use is not too bad either.

Giantsflame Take Thee

This is one of my personal favourite incantations because of how cool it looks and how destructive it is. Charging increases power substantially and the fireball explodes on impact. You can stagger and even knock down certain powerful bosses. It can mean life or death in a situation where you have no healing flasks available. Being a little distant from your enemy and hurling these fireballs is a great tactic.

Flame, Fall Upon Them

This powerful Fire incantation is invaluable when you’re facing multiple enemies at once. You can deal heavy damage to a lot of enemies with one charged fireball hurl. It’s also somewhat useful in duels and the colosseum battles.

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Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

This powerful Dragon Cult incantation can be the doom of enemy groups and it’s quite helpful in multiplayer as well, when used carefully. A dragon is channelled and the roaring flame which has good reach incinerates everything before the caster. The fire damage is continuous and if you won’t be staggered, you’ll be able to tank through hits and see the end of many enemies easily.

Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

Best Incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring

This is an odd incantation and it can look out of place in some instances. But this can absolutely wreck almost anything around you, and its knockback and staggering are the best part. You’ll need 27 Faith to use it, but it can be worth investing in.

What are your picks for the best incantations for STR/FTH Build in Elden Ring? Let us know on the forums!