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The Yakuza franchise offers a wide variety of fun activities for the player to engage in. Yakuza: Like A Dragon has introduced a few new ones as well. Here are the five best mini-games in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Dragon Cart

Dragon Cart is obviously a mini-game based on Mario Kart. While it might not be as polished as the original thing, this mini-game is insanely fun. You have multiple carts to choose from and you can upgrade them to suit your needs. There are also a number of side quests associated with Dragon Cart. You can play Dragon Cart by talking to an Old Friend at Hamakita Park, Ijincho.

REM-Ram: Movie Theatre

REM-Ram is a goofy and silly mini-game in which Ichiban needs to resist falling asleep in a cozy film theatre. Rams will appear in suits and conjure magic to make Ichi sleep. You need to press buttons on your controller timely to interrupt the Rams. This mini-game contains quite a few references to classic movies, like RoboCop and Jaws. You can even take your friends on dates here, to watch movies together. You can take part in this activity at Seagull Cinema, Isezaki, Ijincho.


Karaoke is a certified classic in the Yakuza games. The popular Baka Mitai meme originated from this mini-game. Those classic songs are available for Ichiban and friends to sing, and this time Karaoke is more joyous than ever before, with the whole party cheering on. This mini-game never gets boring. You can sing at various bars and also your hideout in Ijincho, Survive Bar.


In this silly and goofy mini-game, you have to collect empty cans around the Homeless camp area on a tricycle. You just have to run over cans and they’ll be picked up. There will be other people trying to collect cans too, and you can ram their tricycles to get their cans for yourself. And they’ll be able to do the same. This is one of the early-introduced mini-games. You can get all sorts of stuff, like upgrade materials and insects (Yes, you can collect insects in this game) by using the rewards you earn by can collecting. This game can be played in the Commercial district of Ijincho.

Business Management

The most rewarding and impressive mini-game in Like A Dragon. You have to buy, sell and manage multiple businesses and earn enough money and high share prices to become the richest company in Ijincho. It can be complex sometimes, but that’s part of the fun. You can assign managers to each of your businesses. You can upgrade the managers and the establishments to gain a more consistent income. By completing every substory associated with this mini-game, you can earn about 6 million Yen. If you continue to play the mini-game after finishing the substories, you can earn even more.

You also obtain some great skills to use in Battle and maximum Bond level with Eri Kamataki, who’ll then be a potential romance option. This mini-game is as goofy as any others on this list. You can engage in this activity by going to the Ichiban Confectionaries store after completing a few main story chapters.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other fun side activities that are more common and not as impressive as the ones listed above.

Gambling – Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etcetera.

Club Sega – Video Games and UFO Catcher

Golf and Batting

These were our picks for the five best mini-games in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. You can obtain useful skills and items by engaging in these activities. And most importantly, these are extremely fun. Be sure to try these out every once in a while.

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