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Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

These are our picks for the best optional bosses in Elden Ring. They are rewarding to fight and overcome, either because they put up a great fight or drop valuable loot.

There are a huge number of field bosses and mini-bosses in Elden Ring. Among them, some are variants of very common bosses. Sometimes, such bosses can be a chore to defeat. But there are some bosses that truly feel original.

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I will not include optional bosses that are especially well-known. For example, Malenia and General Radahn are optional, but every Elden Ring player and more people know about them. Note that there are obviously some plot spoilers.

Commander Niall

There are players that hate Commander Niall because he has two Banished Knights with him. And this is a boss fight that taught many players they need to use Ashen Remains in some fights. The Commander’s moveset is spectacular and he’s very fast for his size.

According to Elden Ring lore, he’s a heroic commander. He offered his prosthesis in exchange for defeated knights that were imprisoned. He led them as an army with no nation. You can see in the fight that he doesn’t have a leg, and he has a weapon attached to where his boot should be. He’s incredibly aggressive and wields his heavy halberd with great skill.

This is a very tough battle because of Niall’s own strength and the support of the Banished Knights. After defeating him, you can obtain his armor set which is really good. You will also get his powerful halberd.

Roundtable Knight Vyke

Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

Vyke is an incredibly important character. He appears on the cover of the game and he’s the only Tarnished who got incredibly close to becoming Elden Lord. His downfall was because he was scorched by the Flame of Frenzy under the capital.

There are implications that say he was tricked by the flame into believing that it would save his maiden from death. He’s one of the Tarnished that probably fell in love with his maiden, and that led to his doom. He was captured and imprisoned at Lord Contender’s Evergaol.

Defeating him rewards you with his armor set and the incantation, Vyke’s Dragonbolt. Speaking of his incantation, he was a warrior who used Ancient Dragon Cult incantations.

Crucible Knight Siluria

Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

Crucible Knight Siluria was one of the two most honored and respected knights alongside Crucible Knight Ordovis. But she’s stronger and more powerful than Ordovis. She uses the unique weapon “Siluria’s Tree” and fittingly wears the Crucible Tree heavy armor. Upon defeat, you can obtain these items. Both Ordovis and Siluria had their own knights at their disposal. The leader of knights who wields weapons that are similar to her is one of her knights. The knight that aids Ordovis in his battle against you is also one of her knights.

Leonine Misbegotten

Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

While this boss may not be as spectacular as the aforementioned ones, he’s fun to defeat and drops a valuable Legendary weapon. He’s an aggressive and hard-hitting boss that wields a huge Iron Greatsword. There seems to be a connection between the elite Misbegotten and legendary weapons because by defeating another enemy similar to this at an endgame section, you obtain another legendary weapon.

Godefroy the Grafted

While some players consider Godefroy to be just a copy of a main boss, he’s somewhat important to the lore. The one that really started the disturbing act of grafting limbs of others onto him started with Godefroy, not Godrick. That’s why he was imprisoned in the Evergaol. This further strengthens the fact that Godrick is really weak and he’s not as lordly as he makes himself out to be. By defeating Godefroy, you get a Legendary amulet called the Godfrey Icon. His possession of this icon proves that he might be a closer relative to lord Godfrey than Godrick.

What are some of the best optional bosses in Elden Ring that you really enjoyed? Let us know!