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Best things in games that became memes

Memes have become an important part of humor in the 21st century. These are some things in games that became memes. The entries on this list are features, bugs, or other things that became meme material.


Things in Games that became Memes

In Elden Ring, one of the first things you hear when starting the game is how you’re “Maidenless”, which means that you don’t have a Finger Maiden in-game. Let’s set aside the lore for a moment and discuss what this implies. It clearly implies that you’re single in real-life… Characters like Melina and Varre are the ones who say things like this. The above artwork was made by @HAONFEST_ART, and it’s similar to the famous Megamind meme.

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There are also other things in Elden Ring that probably mocks some players. One of these is the “Touch Grace” prompt that appears when you discover a Site of Grace. “Touch Grace” sounds awfully similar to the popular internet remark “Touch Grass”, which is used when someone sounds or seems like an incel who rarely goes outside…

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Things in Games that became Memes

“Sus” is short for suspicious. It was first used in Among Us where players discuss whether a player is responsible for murders in the spaceship. These discussions led to arguments and all-around fun times. The appearance of the crewmates is very goofy and people would say “Among Us” or “Sus” whenever they’d see a shape in their surroundings that would look like a crewmate from Among Us. To be fair, this became too overwhelming and it reminds me of a line from another game:

“One time is funny. Two times is f***ing annoying, no?”

Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3


In Yakuza 0 and other Yakuza games, there’s a beautiful song named Bakamitai which sounds quite melancholic. The cutscene where Kiryu drinks alone in a bar while singing is certainly sad. But this became one of the most popular memes ever, even among non-gamers. There was a multitude of deepfake videos where famous people like Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ sang Bakamitai. People even went as far as to call Kiryu the “Dame Dame guy”, which is from a line in the song that says “Dame Dane”. And yes, it’s not “Dame Dane guy”, it’s “Dame Dame guy”.

Jetstream Sam and Vergil

This meme also was overused and its effectiveness went away after a while. At least for me. The meme would go like this: a video of suggestive content from an anime would play, and at the last minute when the video is about to take an explicit turn, Jetstream Sam or Vergil would appear, saving our minds from being poisoned.

Ghost Staring

This meme is from the new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. On a car ride, everyone’s favorite Ghost would glare with death in his eyes. The memes that were made with this impeccable template are similar to the one in the above image. His emotionless and empty expression symbolizes disappointment and despair. It’s very funny.

Luigi’s Death Stare

Ghost isn’t the only video game character with a stare. Luigi is known as Mario’s likable if not somewhat skittish brother. But in Mario Kart 8, Luigi goes full gangster. Luigi’s Death Stare is a video game meme for the ages. His face says it all. Don’t mess with Luigi or you might get a green turtle shell!