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Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

These are our picks for the best voice acting performances in Elden Ring. This humungous game has a lot of interesting characters, all with unique voices. And it’s safe to say that Elden Ring’s voice acting is some of the best in the history of FromSoftware games.

Fia, the Deathbed Companion

The Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Chiara Goldsmith voices Fia, the Deathbed Companion, one of the first female characters you meet at the Roundtable Hold. She’s depicted as a soft-spoken, caring character who offers to hug the Tarnished. There aren’t any special things that make her voice unique, but it’s clear that players love Chiara’s performance as Fia. Her way of speaking isn’t fast or rushed, but it also doesn’t sound as if she’s anxious or unconfident either. What could be a major reason for the fans’ love for Fia’s voice is how she sounds like she wants the Tarnished to relax in her company. This is apparent when she hugs the protagonist and lowers her voice to an almost whisper.

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Ranni the Witch

The Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Aimee-Ffion Edwards voices the fan-favorite character Ranni. As with Fia, her voice is also plain and simple. Her way of speaking is clear and easy to comprehend, even for a person whose first language isn’t English. A Welsh accent is noticeable in Ranni’s voice, and as with Blaidd who also has a Welsh accent, this further emphasises their relationship. As Ranni the Witch, Aimee-Ffion sounds quite confident and at times, commanding. This is very fitting as she’s a princess of the royal families in the game.

Blaidd, the Half-Wolf

Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Scott Arthur is the Welsh actor who voices Blaidd, the Half-Wolf: another character who instantly became a fan-favourite. He sounds surprisingly calm and composed, even though he seems like a brute at first. As I mentioned in the previous entry, the Welsh accent of Blaidd is something he shares with Ranni. As some characters of the game tell how Blaidd is sort of a half-brother to Ranni, the similarity in the accent is certainly fitting.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Simon Gregor’s insane performance as Lord Rykard of the Volcano Manor is possibly the most impressive in the entire game. Being a boss, the part where he actually talks is much smaller than all the above characters on this list. But his nearly-incomprehensible and inhuman voice wins a spot on this list. His goofy and bizarre voice lines were made into thousands of internet memes. For an abomination like the Lord of Blasphemy, a human voice might have been too plain. Simon’s voice as Rykard is not downright demonic; nor human (at all). Instead, it’s somewhere in between and I haven’t seen any other voiced creatures in any game with as a bizarre voice as Rykard. This unbelievable performance made me an instant fan of Simon Gregor, personally.


Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Helen Monks is the voice actress of Roderika. Roderika as a character is underrated, in my opinion. She’s a character who doesn’t come near to the spotlight and is depicted as shy, faint-hearted and anxious. Unlike the above female characters on this list, Roderika’s voice is not confident. She speaks slowly and the anxiousness in her voice is very noticeable. This is another instance of the voice perfectly matching the character. Also, Roderika’s southern English accent is very noticeable from the start.

Morgott, the Omen King

The Best Voice Acting Performances in Elden Ring

Anthony Howell voices Morgott, the Omen King, who’s one of the best characters in Elden Ring – at least in my personal opinion. As Margit at the very start of the game, and as Morgott at the end-game sections, Anthony Howell’s raspy and confident voice is heard more times than many others in the game. That’s excepting Malenia, the Blade of Miquella because you’ll be hearing her name more times than you can count because she utters her great name each time you fall in battle in her first phase. Back to Morgott, the disdain in his voice towards the Tarnished is clear. He also doesn’t speak fondly of any other characters in the game. This overall disappointed voice of the Omen King is a signature of his serious character.

What do you think are the best voice acting performances in Elden Ring? Let us know!

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