Best of Xbox Games Showcase 2023

A nearly hour-and-a-half showcase packed with great games, a new console, and much more about Starfield

After all the drama of the Activision Blizzard buyout, Xbox had been badly hit. However, if Xbox has shown us anything in the last decade, it is that they are always looking to surprise us positively.

So, after the disappointment of the PlayStation Showcase and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, all eyes were on Xbox. But, for yesterday the Washington-based company had something incredible for all of us. And boy, did they deliver!

Excellent but not perfect Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox, as we have become accustomed in recent years, has brought an hour and a half of presentation of game after game. It’s an unstoppable rhythm of presentations that only Xbox has managed to achieve in the industry. This, moreover, has been achieved thanks to the work that Phil Spencer has done during his tenure at the company.

The purchase of studios is finally paying off, however, unlike in previous years, this year they have presented fewer titles. But this does not detract from the fact that this Xbox Games Showcase was excellent. It is a showcase that started and ended with some of the best games that have been presented this year.

Here are our picks of the games and announcements that caught our attention the most!



After two long years, finally, Xbox and Playground Games show us the gameplay of the next installment of Fable. This new installment of the franchise plans a reboot where we will live an adventure worthy of it. However, the graphic level of this game has surprised most fans.

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws

It seems like only yesterday that we shared the news that Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment were working on a Star Wars game. Exclusively, Ubisoft presented a small teaser of Star Wars Outlaws at the Games Showcase. However, today at Ubisoft Forward we will be able to see gameplay for the first time for this flashy Star Wars game.

PayDay 3

payday 3

PayDay has arrived stronger than ever. Although the franchise’s games have always been frenetic, this installment seeks to overcome all kinds of barriers. Incredibly adapting to the current games, PayDay 3 surprised a lot by presenting chaos, robberies, and absurd things.

Hellblade 2

Hellblade 2

Are you ready to live another episode with a mental illness? After what Ninja Theory presented with Hellblade 2 last year, it was thought that the focus of the game would go the other way. However, the team has presented us through gameplay the mental paranoia that we will live playing Hellblade 2.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport arrives this year as a reboot of the saga and the changes are bigger than you think. New physics, ray-tracing improvements, and much more car customization were presented to us in a teaser during the Xbox Games Showcase. A big generational change is coming to Forza Motorsport.

Cyberpunk DLC “Phantom Liberty”

Phantom Liberty

CD Projekt RED is still on a quest for redemption after Cyberpunk 2077‘s rocky start. Once again, Keanu Reeves was responsible for the presentation of new content about Cyberpunk 2077. And, after all, that was presented about Phantom Liberty, it seems that finally, CD Projekt RED is getting closer to what we were promised in the beginning.

Xbox Series S 1TB SSD

Xbox Series S carbon black

As if that were not enough, Phil Spencer in addition to all the new releases, brings us a great gift. Especially for all those gamers who still do not own a new generation Xbox. Since he has presented a new Xbox Series S 1TB SSD!

This new Xbox Series S aims to take the best-selling Xbox console of this new generation to the next level. More storage, more effective cooling, and the return of Xbox’s signature all-black color.


starfield gameplay

All of us sci-fi fans have at one time or another thought of the ultimate game in space. Free exploration, thousands of planets, hundreds of galaxies, and being able to explore the vast universe. Almost a decade ago, No Man’s Sky seemed to finally introduce us to this incredible title. However, it wasn’t like that at all…

But, Xbox together with Bethesda seems to have brought it to fruition. After so much waiting, finally, Xbox presented a little bit more of Starfield. This sci-fi RPG takes space exploration a step further. With thousands of planets available to explore, and hundreds of galaxies, players will be able to experience a unique adventure.

In addition, the game will feature certain elements of FPS games that many players will find fascinating. But, if we could summarize a bit of what Starfield presents us, it presents us with a mix between No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect, and Fallout. It’s a very strange mix, but by taking the best of these titles, it ends up resulting in an incredible RPG.

Overall, the Xbox Games Showcase has been excellent. So far this summer, it certainly takes the cake for the best showcase. Let’s hope that each of these projects arrives on the announced dates. But if we can rescue something from this presentation is that Xbox is still betting on becoming the best company among the big 3. A round of applause to Xbox and we hope to try Starfield as soon as possible!