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Bethesda starts closing official forums today


Bethesda has announced the gradual closure of its forums.

Starting today, the forums become read-only, which means you can no longer post new topics. Users will have 30 days to save any content before the forums are closed permanently. The company expects to begin archiving categories on July 6. The changes do not impact The Elder Scrolls Online official forums.

The company explained the decision in a blog post:

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After many years of fostering a thoughtful and passionate community on the official Bethesda forums, we have made the decision to sunset the forums on Bethesda.net. When the forums first started on Bethsoft.com, they were a great place for everyone to discuss amazing games, share stories, and come together with similar interests. The forums have seen many changes over the years, and we’ve enjoyed seeing our community grow and evolve alongside Bethesda and all of our games. Now, though, with the numerous ways people are communicating, we feel the time is right to move away from the forums and chat with you where you prefer to be.

To continue our direct relationships with our communities, we will be moving our conversations from the Bethesda.net forums to our official Discord Servers. We will also continue to have our Community teams visible on Reddit and our social channels, and our Support team will be able to address your issues and concerns with the Help Portal. (Please note, this transition only affects the forums on Bethesda.net. For our ESO community, the ESO forums are operated separately and will remain as they are.)


Bethesda says that fans can “continue conversations on our official Bethesda Discord Server and various game-related Servers.” You can find links to their Discord servers below:

Bethesda.net users looking for a new forum community should check out videogamestreamers.com. Those are now the official forums of Game Freaks 365.