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Betrayer: Curse of the Spine is a new 2D Metroidvania out now on Steam

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine is an epic world of dark fantasy with an engaging narrative. It’s now available on PC via Steam Early Access.

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine, a fantasy action-adventure game developed by TripleCh3rry and published by Proponent Games, was launched today on Steam Early Access. Through exploration, crafting, and strategic battle, players will traverse the country in search of the truth behind its dark past and the demise of its gods.

Deadly platforming and skilled combat

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine is a Metroidvania in which players take on the character of a lone warrior wreaking havoc throughout the enormous continent of Karaka. This extremely atmospheric game is packed with drama, mystery, and fear. Expect a rich storyline, a robust crafting system, weapon customization, and several endings to explore.

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In the Curse of the Spine, death has no meaning. Everything that dies returns to life at some point. Players must explore this ancient world of peril in quest of answers and powers that will allow them to unearth the terrible secrets hidden beneath this shrouded country as well as the dark truths hidden beneath your own past.

Your capacity to construct is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. Make potions to improve your health or boost your strength. Create weapons to annihilate your foes and armor to protect your delicate bits.

Run and leap your way to triumph – and you’ll almost certainly die trying many times before you succeed. Betrayer: Curse of the Spine is currently available for $9.99 on Steam Early Access.

Watch the Betrayer: Curse of the Spine trailer below!

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