Beyond the Wire receives new Operation III update

Beyond The Wire

A new faction, two new maps, a ton of weapons, and more are all included in the new Beyond the Wire update called Operation III.

Beyond The Wire, the multiplayer first-person shooter set on the battlefields of World War I, has gotten its second big upgrade since its introduction a little over a year ago, according to Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries.

The Canadian Expeditionary Force, formed by Canada to serve overseas in World War I, is introduced in Operation III. To add realism, these armies will have early-war and late-war equipment versions, and most factions will also acquire early-war equipment and weaponry in this release. The German Jäger Regiment, a designation for light infantry regiments of the German Empire, joins the Canadian Expeditionary Force, armed with weapons like the deadly K98AZ.

Vimy Ridge and Vieil Armand

Vimy Ridge and Vieil Armand are two new maps included in this release. Redstone Interactive aims to expand the variety of situations in which users may live the fantasy of witnessing military conflicts in warlike settings that were part of one of the largest pitched battles in human history.

Vimy Ridge is an important section of the Battle of Arras, which involved the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the French Republic, and the German Empire. It has a variety of biomes, including No Man’s Land, settlements, woods, military defenses, camps, and trench networks.

Vieil Armand, also known as Hartmannswillerkopf, brings players to a mountain in the Vosges Mountains, pitting the troops of the German Empire and the French Republic against each other on the game’s first snowy map. Verticality, together with windswept stone ditches, tunnels, caverns, and woods, gives additional tactical choices.

A new arsenal straight from WW1

Despite already having a large arsenal of weaponry from the WW1 era, the inclusion of new factions to the game brings a fresh amount of ordnance that is now available to all players.

The Canadian Expeditionary Force gains a slew of new weaponry in Operation III, including the notorious Ross Mk.III Rifle, the M1895 “Potato Digger” heavy machine gun, and the 2nd Model “Hand Ejector” Revolver used by Canadian commanders. The French armies also get a new arsenal, including the Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field cannon and the M1914 Hotchkiss, the French Republic’s primary heavy machine gun. Furthermore, Harlem Hellfighters will now be able to use the precise and dependable Berthier 1907/05 service rifle.

The M1918 BAR, the melee MP18, and the K98AZ, with its shorter barrel and ease of handling that made it a favorite of the German Empire, are all new additions to Beyond The Wire‘s arsenal.

Beyond The Wire is available on PC through Steam. Operation III is available now for free to players who already own the game.

Watch the launch trailer of the Operation III update down below!

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