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Big Brother: The Game

Remember the reality show Big Brother? It’s sort of like Survivor but with people who have to live in a house together instead of a jungle. Now there’s a video game.

Indie studio 9th Impact just announced the release date for their upcoming video game adaptation. Players become virtual housemates and experience life as a Big Brother contestant. You try to make strategic choices in order to remain in the house and win.

Here’s a description of the game from developer 9th Impact:

Big Brother: The Game has two modes: Housemate and Spectator. The game is free to download and the Spectator mode is free with optional purchases. To become a housemate, the player must use a token to enter the House, which is an in-app purchase.

Last year marked twenty years since Big Brother first aired in the Netherlands. Since then, 480 seasons have aired across 62 markets. The TV show has produced 7,153 housemates from around the globe. The format continues to deliver primetime ratings in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

Big Brother: The Game launches on October 15 via the App Store, Google Play, and